Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Each day a new

Thoughts of what life would be if it were you and me
In this world that surrounds us

Everything always pointing to no, even though
in the deepest part of my heart
I know it to be true

It is my burden to bare, the monkey on my back
In this world that surrounds me

You are caught in an endless sea, why
would you kiss the world good-bye
Each day is a new I see no reason to leave
not yet my love

Give your beginnings a chance to show you
that if you keep pushing....

You and I will be forever dancing,
on and on.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Time goes by
and out of the corner of my eye
I can see you.

That funny little grin
sends my head into a spin
I keep tripping because

we play the same games,
your heart still remains

Nothing like an untamed heart,
Wild and free
left alone to be....

I say go into the unknown
even if time goes by,
in the corner of someone's eye

they will see you
and you'll never be