Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sweet spirit come to me at my darkest hour
lift me from the ashes of your memory

Bring me back to a place of desire; lust is what
I long for. The feeling of want and wishes will
disappear with reality.

Harsh is the blade as it comes in for me
tearing at the folds of protection I keep on watch

With sleep comes fleeting moments of calm
But it is I who cannot sleep; you linger in the depths
of my mind.

A burden I cannot bare if my sanity is to stay intact
You sit as the darkness consumes you and all around you fall
Yet, I am left standing alone.

for what is left behind; nothing.
Is it a sin to lust for what I once had?

Or is it all an illusion of what I thought
you were, what you thought to show me,
what I knew was never there.